VCinvest Václav J. ČERVENÝ

***** Truth, Love & Friendship ******

VCinvest Václav J. ČERVENÝ

***** Truth, Love & Friendship ******

Welcome to the VCinvest Václav J.Červený website.

I have been working in the field of financial consulting since 1994 and I gained experience in this area from OVB Allfinanz a.s. and with Broker trust a.s. developed independent financial advice based on market analysis, for the client. In connection with this activity, I was a member of AFIZ o.s. and within this association I was nominated to the Golden Crown jury in the years 2010,2011. In developing financial activities in the field of investment, it has expanded the possibility of investing in gold, silver and investment diamonds, not least diamond jewelry. Cooperation in the field of diamond investments with BOOLER DIAMONDS LLC and Zámek POHLED, spol.s r.o.

Furthermore, the Templar cellars Čejkovice, wine cooperative,


Detstiler Svach - Waxwing s.r.o.

Thomas Dyntar distillery s.r.o. Single Malt Whiskey 

Investment diamonds with certification.

Investment diamonds are supplied in cooperation with partners. BOOLER DIAMONDS LLC only supplies non-conflict diamonds / Kimberlian process / with internationally recognized GIA, EGL certificates. Diamonds smaller than 0.47ct can be certified by our company GIA standards or Russian standards. In the same way, at the customer's request, we can issue a certificate in the Russian standard for GIA, EGL ... certificates. Moshe Namdar & Co. has a global presence and is involved in the world's largest consumer and diamond jewelry markets, from the US to Europe to Asia. As you can expect from a diamond company with a global dimension, Moshe Namdar & Co. Ltd participates in major exhibitions around the world. These include the Hong Kong Gem and Belear Fair, the JCK Show in Las Vegas and many more. News: Before last Christmas, our parent company Booler Diamonds LLC started wholesale activities in the field of jewelry and investment diamond sales in the Czech Republic, followed by Poland, Slovakia, and gradually other European countries, including Moldova and Ukraine.

Gold jewelry with diamonds.

When you buy a diamond piece of jewelry, most customers are satisfied that a diamond is embedded in it. They no longer examine the color of the stone, the fire, the brilliance, the quality of the cut, which tells us a lot, the purity that affects its glitter and whether its overall quality corresponds to the purchase price. DIAMOND is not only beautiful, it is also an investment. Be responsible for your investment and shop where you get the best you deserve. Where you can see YOUR diamond. Where you choose, the one that will be best for you. And believe that you will know him among the others. And then you will be proud of yourself and your choice, and that you have made a good deal. And one not unimportant note. A diamond that is already set in jewelry will no longer tell you how many carats, its color or its purity, without removing it. Then you just have to believe that you bought well. If you received the jewelry as a gift, please do not deal with these important little things. This is, of course, an investment of a completely different nature.

Diamond gift cards with certificates.

Diamond gift cards containing diamonds with certificates from BOOLER DIAMONDS LLC which supplies only non-conflict diamonds / Kimberlian process / with internationally recognized GIA, HRD, IGI, EGL and other certificates. Even diamonds smaller than 0.47ct can be certified. All our suppliers are members of diamond exchanges! These cards can also display your company logo according to your design. We prefer direct contact with the client so that we can find the best variant of the diamond for his needs. Given the structure of our companies, we can guarantee the truly best price on the market and individual service around the world. We try to build a network of external partners that we can rely on and recommend. Through them, we are able to hand over our goods to you, which you can check in person. Our philosophy “A diamond can be available for really everyone!

Collectible Diamond Limited Edition.

The connection of excellent alcohol from wines to whiskey made in Bohemia and Moravia with a real diamond placed in the card. Each bottle will have its birth certificate describing what kind of alcohol it is, even with a description of the issuer of those diamond cards. The cards will be color-coded and diamonds will be from 1.5mm / 0.013ct to 5mm / 0.47ct. But they can also be in the brand according to the customer's request.